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Cordless Phone (KSM6012)

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Cordless Phone (KSM6012) Features Specifications :
Technology specification  

Frequency  2.4GHz

No of channel  40

Dialing mode  

Caller ID mode  

MMI language  English/Spanish/French

Operating range  

Operating range  270m

Power management  

Adapter  AC110-240V 50/60Hz DC9V 300mA

Battery type  NI-MH, 3.6V 600mA(Rechargeable)

Battery charging time(Hour)  

Standby time(Hour)  

Continue talk time(Hour)  

Product dimension/weight  

Base  112.8W X 43.5H X 116.5D (mm)

Handset  15.5W X 155.8H X 32D (mm)


Adapter  1

Battery(NI-MH, 3.6V 600mA)  1

Line cord  1

User guide  1

Position desk bracket  /

Headset mircophone  1

2.4GHz long range cordless phone

40 channel autoscan

Includes secret caller ID to view who is calling

40 number memories

Ultra cool amber backlight diplay

For night time use

Call waiting

Redial and flash

Include headset mircrophone for top

Secret phone calls

Ringer Hi/Low/Off setting

3-Language operation(English/Spanish/French)

PBX On/Off programmable
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